About Us

We are just like you…

A bunch of dudes that started playing fantasy sports in pools and leagues with our buddies and co-workers. We did season long fantasy sports for all the major sports leagues focusing on Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Hockey.

When daily fantasy sports began, we checked it out and slowly realized that this was the way of the future of fantasy sports.

Over the years, we have made a lot of cash by sticking to basic strategies that we picked up through magazines and on the net. Over time, we were able to find top DFS players to share their daily fantasy strategies with us and we now share them here with you.

We want the DFS market to grow – the more players that play and make money, the bigger the industry will be.

If you like our stuff – let us know…if you don’t – keep it to yourself! If you make money using our strategies, we would be happy to accept a check in the mail…but better yet, send tell your buddies about our site and get them playing daily fantasy sports. They will thank you for it!

Who We Are…

RealMoneyAL – Die hard Bears fan. Avid daily fantasy football, daily fantasy baseball and daily fantasy golf player. Has cashed in huge money already playing DFS.

DFSCorp – Big-time Boston Bruins fan. Loves daily fantasy football and daily fantasy hockey. Insists that one day daily fantasy fishing will be the big thing!