DraftKings Late Swap Tips

Some people love the late swap…some hate it, but the DraftKings late player swap is a strategy that you need to be aware of and know how to use to your advantage to make money at DraftKings.com.

What Exactly Is Late Swap?

Most daily fantasy sites lock in your lineup once the first game begins, however DraftKings only locks in players when their respective games begin. Fantasy golf is the exception to this at DraftKings – all players lock in for their daily fantasy golf contests regardless of tee times. Late player swap gives you the ability to edit your lineups and remove or replace players that are late scratches as long as you do it before their game officially begins.

Best Uses For The DraftKings Late Swap

  • To Replace Injured Players

This is an obvious one, but if a player is a late scratch or is benched due to injury or disciplinary reasons, you can quickly edit him out and put in a player that will play. For this strategy to work, you need to create yourself some outs by researching back up players at each position in case someone is unexpectedly not playing. Making sure your FLEX position is playing a late game is a key strategy here.

  • To Improve Your Odds Of Winning Contests

Going into late games or with fantasy football, the Monday night game, you can estimate who your opponent has on their team. The player is blocked until game time, but using the salary cap and players that have already played, you can deduce who your opponents likely have. This strategy works if you have the lead because you can swap your player out for the same one your opponent has guaranteeing yourself a win. If it turns out that you are losing to your opponent and you deduce that you have the same player, you can take a chance on another player and hope that he outscores your original choice to win your contest.

  • To Hedge Your Picks

So you have the lead going into the Monday night game and have a WR on each team. What if they don’t both get the points? If you want to try to protect your lead and not get burned, then stack both WR from the same team. Yes you will get less points potentially, but you also guarantee that if one receiver is going to go off on that team, you will have him.

  • To Be More Flexible With Fantasy Picks

Most people don’t like to spread fantasy picks throughout the day or the whole weekend for fear that late start players or players playing later in the week end up being scratched. With the late swap, you can pick players for later start times knowing that you can still remove and replace them later. For fantasy football, you can pick guys on Thursdays and put in questionable players for Sunday with the protection that you can edit them out if they end up being downgraded to “OUT”.

How To Use Late Player Swap Most Effectively

The flex position is your friend. If you are taking players in the late games/next day’s games, try to put them into the flex position. The advantage is that you can look at picking various positions and not be locked into a straight position swap. In fantasy football, you may swap from a WR to a RB; in fantasy baseball, you can swap a position other than pitcher and the same late swap tip works for fantasy basketball. Late game players should always be your flex guy. Also, put in a high priced player if possible, that way you aren’t constrained by the salary cap because the player you need to swap is a low cost value play.


The fact that you can still edit DraftKings lineups up until game time is a great feature that very few players take advantage of. If you are going to be a real player in daily fantasy sports, learn to use the feature and take advantage of your opponents. The difference between winning and losing in DFS games can sometimes involve finding all the angles and taking advantage of them…and this includes the late player swap strategy.


5 Money Making Tips For Playing Daily Fantasy Basketball

When playing daily fantasy basketball there are quite a few strategies that you are going to need to take into account in order to be as profitable as possible. You could probably make a list of 100 daily fantasy basketball tips, but we are going to take a look at the top five money making tips for playing daily fantasy basketball at the best fantasy basketball sites out there today. These daily fantasy basketball strategies are not only going to focus on ways to spend your money on specific games and to choose your lineup, but also about the types of players to draft and how you should find consistency in players as well.

#1 – Don’t Overspend Your Budget

At any daily fantasy basketball site, you will find a wide range of different games with different buy-ins, but you need to be sure that you are not overspending your budget or bankroll. This means that you need to review how much is in your account and make sure that you aren’t playing games that are too large for that bankroll. A good example of what this means is that if you have $20 in your daily fantasy basketball account, then you need to stick with playing the lower limit games of around $1, because going any higher is going to make you burn through the bankroll if you hit a tough slide! 5% of your bankroll on any one fantasy contest is a good rule of thumb.

#2 – Build Your Bankroll Slowly

Saying that you want to do your best to build up your bankroll may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s all about how you do it. If you are simply playing for 80% of your bankroll each night, then you are going to end up having a tough night that depletes your entire account. This is also the case with sports betting – you aren’t going to run good every night, so be sure to only play a certain small percentage of your bankroll and to make sure to not invest too much into one single night. A max of 20% in any one night is a good rule of thumb.

#3 – Choose Consistent Players Over Risky Ones

Consistency is key when it comes to daily fantasy basketball. Examine some of the best lineups that pros win with and you are going to find players who can put up a consistent 20-30 points per game. Obviously 30 points is a bit on the higher side, but if you have a player who typically gets about 7-15 points, but has good potential, that risk may not be worth the reward unless you have a serious angle. The biggest tip though is that you shouldn’t be OVER spending for these types of players who could have good upside. Having a player who consistently gets 20-25 points that is worth $9K is a much better option than a player who costs $8,500 and is a high risk, high reward kind of player.

#4 – Find Some Sleepers

Finding a good sleeper isn’t easy, but if you can find a consistent player who puts up solid points playing against a weak team, then pounce on it. Sleepers are tough to come by, but if there is one recommendation that I could make about finding a good sleeper – it is to look for a player who is filling in for an injured player in a starting lineup. Don’t reach too far for sleepers though, and don’t get crazy or too risky when choosing them either…remember rule #3!

#5 – Spend On Guards

Many people have different opinions on where to spend their money for their daily fantasy basketball lineup, but you should be spending on guards who have the potential to do a little bit of everything. Guards who can rebound, pass, get steals, and of course score are what you are going to need to focus on spending your salary cap on. If you can get power forwards who can put up 10-15 points plus rebounds, then you are going to be in a good spot. This happens often though, and I’d say that there are going to be a good number of strong options for big men, so focus your spending on guards.


Now take these money making tips for daily fantasy basketball and go cash in at a site like DraftKings.com…here is to a profitable season!


How To Build A Bankroll For Daily Fantasy Sports

So you have decided that you want to earn some extra income by playing Daily Fantasy Sports for real money…

A noble venture, until you dig into your pockets and see that you aren’t as flushed with cash as you want to be.

No worries! We have some daily fantasy sports strategies and tips on how to build a daily fantasy sports bankroll so that you can start to make regular withdrawals and live the lifestyle you deserve.

Let’s start with the most important 1st step…

Get All The FREE Money Being Offered

There are many ways to get FREE money and start your bankroll “on the house” just by joining a new DFS site.  Here are what the “Big 3” have to offer:

  • FanDuel.com – you can get up to $200 and a FREE entry into a real money contest
  • DraftKings.com – you can get a FREE entry into a real money contest
  • DraftDay.com – you can get a deposit bonus of up to $250

In other words, scrape together a starting bankroll by joining using the links above and the companies will match your deposit by 100% – doubling up your initial deposit.

Play Freeroll Contests

Even if you are ready to play in real money fantasy leagues, you may as well play in any FREE contests that sites are offering. It costs nothing to play, and if you win, it’s just more money to add to your bankroll.

Play 50/50 Games

Most big daily fantasy players start out grinding it out in 50/50 games. You will not make a ton of money in a short period of time, but you should make a slow and steady profit over the season. You can play a number of games and if you have good skills in fantasy sports, you will be able to add to a bankroll over time. Because the odds of going on a losing streak is rare playing 50/50 games, you can take a shot and play larger $20 – $100 games.

Manage Your Bankroll

Only newbies blow their bankroll in their first week of play! A typical player will only play 5-20% of their bankroll each night, so that even if you get on a cold streak, you will still have enough money to get yourself back on track. If you play just 5%, you will be able to weather the storm longer. If you play 20% of your account, your bankroll will disappear quicker. Never play more than 5% of your total bankroll in a single game.  In other words, if your starting bankroll is $500, the max entry fee you should ever play is $25.

Guaranteed Prize Pools Are Tempting…

Guaranteed Prize Pools or GPPs are the big tournaments offered by sites where if you come in 1st, you usually score thousands (or even millions) of dollars. There are some DFS players that only play GPPs and they sometimes make a good living, but you are playing against good competition and only about 20% of the field cashes in. Smart daily fantasy players will only risk 1-10% of their bankroll each night on GPPs knowing that it’s not uncommon to go on stretches of not cashing in for a few days. GPPs are a risky proposition for someone looking to become a DFS player as a profession.

Do What The Pros Do

Guys that play daily fantasy sports for a living will mix and match between 50/50 and GPP games, while playing mostly Head to Head games. Religiously they stick to their bankroll management, so that they can survive any losing streaks. Concentrate on your research on making the best lineups, don’t blow your wad and you too will pocket some good cash playing daily fantasy sports.


Strategies To Win Your Daily Fantasy Hockey League

NHL fantasy hockey leagues or pools are BIG! Maybe not as big as your traditional football or baseball but make no mistake, there is a lot of money to be made in daily fantasy hockey.

So, having played in hockey pools all your life, you think you have what it takes to win money playing DFS hockey?

Think again!

DFS means different research, but don’t worry, our daily fantasy hockey strategies will guide you to making money.

**Note – There are FREE games to play at DraftDay.com if you want to see how your skills translate to playing DFS hockey. Sign up here at DraftDay.com and see how you do.

Goalies Are The Key – Choose Them First

Your biggest point getter of the night will be you goalie so choose wisely. Goalies get points for wins, shutouts and saves so look for a goalie on a good team playing a defensive minded style that doesn’t score a lot. You may not get as many points with the shots, but of your goalie gets a W, SO and only 20 shots I guarantee you’ll still be happy.

Expert Hockey Strategy – Often the backup goalie will play against a weak opponent and they are usually much cheaper for your salary cap lineup allowing you to take bigger priced forwards.

Speaking Of Forwards – Choose Shooters

The big players cost a lot for a good reason – they score a lot of points. But in daily fantasy hockey, you can also get points with stats like blocks, or even shots on goal. Look for the NHL stars that take a lot of shots so that even if they don’t score any points that night, you won’t be left with a goose egg with them.

Expert Fantasy Strategy – Look for players on the power play, most teams will have 4-5 power plays per game and that is 8-10 minutes of increased scoring chances and shots on goal.

Don’t Overpay For Defence – Shot Blockers Rule

Defensemen are hard to count on for points. Most of the high scoring defensive guys still only average a point every 2 games so the chance of the top priced defenseman scoring you a ton of points is unlikely.

Expert Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategy – The guys on the power play are usually higher priced. Find out guys that are on the penalty kill team as they have chances for blocked shots. Look to see which defensemen are tops in the NHL for shots blocked and see if they are worth a play that night.

Check Final Rosters

Make sure your guys are playing and aren’t late scratches. Goalies are announced by mid-afternoon so keep up with who is announced as a starter. If players are questionable with injuries, double check they are playing (NHL players are tough, they usually play through injuries unlike the cry-babies in the NBA that get pulled with muscle cramps).

Expert DFS Hockey Strategy – Once you’ve settled on a lineup, check out team sites or follow beat writers on Twitter to see if there are any last minute lineup changes.

You can win money playing daily fantasy hockey, if you know your stuff. Join DraftDay.com today and cash in against players that have no idea what they are doing.


Which Fantasy QB To Pick This Week?

This is the question that gets asked the most in daily fantasy football.

The Quarterback position is normally the one that will get you the most fantasy points each, week so finding the best QB is a priority.

Obviously we can’t just take the top rated QB on the board as we have salary cap considerations to make as well.

So which is the top fantasy QB this week? Here are some daily fantasy football strategies to help you make your choice.

Look At The Vegas Odds

Find out which games are projected to be high scoring. If the oddsmakers have a game with a total of 41, they are predicting a final score of 24-17. Not bad scoring, but if you assume that a running back will factor into the scoring, there will probably be only 3 TDs in that game. Not a lot of potential for fantasy points.

Now if the game is predicted to be an O/U of 52, then you could be looking at a 35-17 game, or a 28-24 game, now the potential rises to having one of the QBs score 3 touchdowns making the points become more interesting.

Always Pick Winning QBs

If you are looking at a high scoring game as mentioned above, you will be faced with a choice of which QB to take. Generally you want to pick the QB that you think will be on the winning side as the assumption is that they will get you the most points that day.

Keep An Eye On The Back Door

How many people have been burned by the back door cover. It’s even worse in fantasy football when you have a lead in a head to head game and see that the QB your opponent picked is now throwing bombs to catch up in the 4th quarter. The backdoor can work for you too. A bad team facing a good offense will have to abandon the run early and resort to throwing. Typically in the 4th quarter if a team has a big lead, they start to sit in zone defense and give up tons of yards and some scores just to keep the clock moving. This is where you can find a QB on a bad team with a decent offense that may have to throw 50-60 times in the game.

Look At The Opposing Defense

Some QBs will face a good defense that is great at stopping the run, but can’t stop the pass…that’s the one you want to focus on. A bad defensive team in general usually means that the quarterback will simply hand off the ball and ground and pound the whole game. If the running game is out, it means your quarterback is free to air it out.

Look for trends – NFL week 1 and week 2 can be hard because teams are still figuring things out. By week 5 you can get a pretty good idea if a team has a pass first, or a run first philosophy. If you know that you are guaranteed 2 TDs and 250 yards out of a QB, you may just take the easy points and focus your research on other positions.

Check The Scoring System

Not all fantasy sites are equal. If you have a QB in mind, make sure that you play at the daily fantasy football site that optimizes his points. We are big believers that you should have accounts at multiple DFS sites with the Big 3 (FanDuel, DraftKings and DraftDay) being on that list. Pick the quarterback you want, then double check the scoring at those 3 sites to make sure you are playing at the site that gives you the best value.

Already have an account at the Big 3? Try out Victiv.com. They are a growing site with a great fantasy football setup and you can take advantage of a 100% deposit bonus up to $1000. It costs nothing to join and you may find a new site for your stable.


DraftDay Review

Many forget that DraftDay has been around since 2011, and although they aren’t the world’s largest fantasy site, DraftDay.com has a loyal following and player fan base.

With a software interface that everyone loves, playing at DraftDay is a lot of fun and can be pretty lucrative too! With a variety of different daily fantasy sports games to play, DD is a site that may be poised to gain a bigger share of the DFS market.
Continue reading DraftDay Review

DraftDay Promo Code

As we say and say again – when playing Daily Fantasy Sports for money – grab all the free cash you can get!  This DFS strategy is probably the most important of them all because it determines the most important aspect of DFS – the bottom dollar.

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If you forget to use the code, remember to contact customer support and tell them to please apply the code because if you miss out on this it is like throwing money in the garbage.

Why Use A Promo Code at DraftDay?

If you don’t use a code like the $250 top bonus code REALMONEY, you are missing out on extra cash that could be yours for nothing.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of missing out on the first deposit bonus that sites like DraftDay.com award new players.  You won’t get another chance again. So, remember this when joining any DFS site – always look for a promo code is one is available.  If you can’t find one, contact us and we will help to find one for you!

DraftKings Review

If you are here looking for strategies to win at DraftKings, then you already know how good a site it is. If you are looking for a DraftKings review to decide if you should be playing there, then let me help you out.

DraftKings.com is one of the BIGGEST daily fantasy sites out there. With millions of dollars paid out each month, they have established themselves as an industry leader. Continue reading DraftKings Review

Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies 101

Daily Fantasy Golf doesn’t get the attention that other top fantasy sports do – but in recent years, many casual players have jumped into the world of playing fantasy golf for money.

If you are looking to start playing for money, check out our basic daily fantasy golf strategies to help get started. It’s not hard to make money at Daily Fantasy Golf and a lot easier when you use the strategies and tips below.

Pick A Site

Not every fantasy site offers golf for fantasy players, so if you are currently at a site that doesn’t have fantasy golf, you may want to join a site like DraftKings or DraftDay.

Learn The Scoring System

Not every DFS site has the same scoring system for fantasy golf, so you need to look up how they award points and keep this in mind when you create your roster of golfers.

Find Those Sleeper Picks

With daily fantasy golf you can’t just take the top golfers in the tournament and make a lineup. You have to fit the golfers under a salary cap, so you need to find 1 or 2 low salary players that will make the cut and continue to get you points all weekend. We call these fantasy golf sleeper picks.

Research Course History

There are some golfers that love particular courses and some that are brutal on others. A golfer may be a top player on the PGA Tour, but suck at certain courses. On the flipside, some mediocre golfers seem to score top 10s every year on some courses. Do your research – go back up to 5 years to see how players have played and then make your picks.

Play The Hot Hand

Golfers will usually play well for 3-4 weeks before a streak ends. If a guy has 2 good weeks, you may want to research him more closely for the next week or two.

Making The Cut Is Key

You don’t need to pick the winner of a tournament to cash in on fantasy golf (although it doesn’t hurt your chances), but if you can have a fantasy lineup of guys that all make the cut, the chances of you wining are insanely better. Look for some of the grinders on tour that never have top 20 finishes, but always play through the weekend, these will be low cost sleeper picks to go after that hold a lot of value.

Let’s put it this way… If you pick the winner but several of your golfers don’t make the cut, you won’t cash in.  On the other hand, if you miss the winner and all your golfers make the cut, you will fair much better and make money.  This is probably the most important daily fantasy golf strategy.

Check The Weather

Hot and dry weather allows for the big hitters to bomb it more and get a better roll in the fairway, while wet soggy conditions allow for the short hitting specialists to stick the ball near the pin. Know what the weather will be and keep it in mind when setting a team.

Look Up The Vegas Odds

Not quite sure who to look at this week? See what the oddsmakers have to say. Vegas will set odds for players to win a tournament – so you can see who they think will have the best shot at the podium and you can use that as a reference point.


There are a lot of people that are winning money playing fantasy golf games and you can too!

Join DraftKings here and try out your skills. If you are already a member of DraftKings, try out DraftDay Fantasy Golf. They have FREE games to get your feet wet with and if you do decide to put a few bucks down, you can get up to $250 FREE on your 1st deposit using our DraftDay bonus link.