Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategies 101

If you are ready to move from your season long NBA fantasy league to try out Daily Fantasy Basketball, then you have come to the right place. This is your Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategy Guide for Beginners.

Below are some basic daily fantasy basketball tips to get you moving full speed into DFS and start you earning money with the NBA fantasy.

Get All The FREE Money You Can!

If you join any of the top daily fantasy basketball sites through our bonus links – DraftPot – FanDuel – DraftDay – you get a 100% bonus on your 1st deposit. Basically that means if you deposit $100, you will get $100 free to play with. The 1st major mistake new DFS players make is to just make a tiny $10 or $20 deposit.  BIG NO NO! This 100% bonus is a one-time deal – it doesn’t come around again. So make sure you deposit the maximum bonus amount so you get the biggest bonus possible. If you don’t like the site, you can always withdraw the money you don’t use – so why not take advantage if this free money?

Find The Value Players

More than any fantasy sport, in basketball, you can find value players every night. Players get hot and play back to back games and most DFS sites are slow to update their salary number. A player gets injured or plays too many minutes the night before and the 6th man becomes a starter becoming the value play of the night. Finding value players each night is key to winning at daily fantasy basketball on a regular basis.

Speaking Of Sixth Man…

On some teams, the 6th man is like a starter and gets starter minutes. If you pick 1 or 2 up for your lineup, they are as good as starters without the starter salary cap number. This allows you to focus on filling out the rest of your roster with the fantasy studs.

The Injury Report Is Your Friend

Some players get scratched just before game time…make sure they are not in your lineup! Check the injury reports that come out; if a guy is a game time decision, either avoid him, replace him with someone who isn’t injured, or take his backup who may get extra minutes as a “value” player because the injured player ends up not playing much even if he does start.

Believe The Bookie

Check out what the over/under line is for games. If the Vegas boys expect the game to be a high scoring shoot around, you need try stacking a bunch of players from both teams. Players involved in low scoring defensive games are bad for your chances of winning.

Play Head To Head Or 50/50 Games

DFS is all about strategy, but in the end, a head to head or 50/50 game still  leaves you at least a 50% chance of making money if you know what you are doing. If you play in a 10-man league or 6-man league, your odds of winning decrease because even if you have a star fantasy basketball lineup, someone could have one better than you. Head to Head and 50/50 games will help you build your bankroll quicker to start.

Speaking Of Bankroll…Manage It Carefully!

Unlike your season long league where you pay once and that’s it, you can spread your money around in daily fantasy basketball. If you decide that you want to use just $100 to start, don’t blow it all in one weekend. Never wager more than 20% of your bankroll on any given night and never more than 5% in one game. This way, if you keep winning, then no problem…but if you get smoked one night, you still have money to play another day. Over the long run, this daily fantasy basketball strategy is really the most important and is what will keep you playing and making money in the long run.

Know The Scoring System Like The Back Of Your Hand

Some DFS sites deduct points for turnovers, missed shots and other stats. Some will value blocks more than another site. If you are keen on certain players, make sure you are playing at a site whose scoring system benefits your lineup. Top DFS players play at multiple sites to take advantage of scoring and salary cap variances, so if you are only sticking to one site, make sure you make your picks with the scoring system in mind.


Now you are ready to start playing daily fantasy basketball. Why not try out DraftKings to start – it is our favorite site to play at – and as an added bonus get a free game ticket into a cash game when using our bonus links. This is an easy way to get your bankroll started and test out the site at the same time!


Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies 101

Has your fantasy baseball team been hit with so many injuries that you are the laughing stock of the group?

Have you started to lose your interest in watching baseball because your fantasy team is out of contention?

Are you wishing it was already April of next season?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this is why you need to get into Daily Fantasy Baseball.

What you don’t know is that most of your friends are already playing and making money at it so why shouldn’t you? But, before you start, you need to know that daily fantasy baseball games are different from your regular season long leagues, so you need to start with some basic daily fantasy baseball strategies. We like to call it our Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies 101…

Find A Site To Play At

Start off at one of the top 3 daily fantasy baseball sites – FanDuel, DraftKings or DraftDay. Read our site reviews and decide where you want to start.

Claim All The FREE Money You Can Get

All three sites give you a deposit bonus if you use our exclusive bonus links.  But that is not all… Also, once you make a deposit, you will be awarded with FREE fantasy baseball contests for real cash prizes. This is a great way to get some free money and start a bankroll.

***DFS Tip – Don’t waste your deposit bonus by making a $10 or $20 deposit like most beginners do – you can get anywhere from $200-$600 FREE with a larger first deposit.***

You can always get your money back by cashing out, but the deposit bonus offer won’t be around forever. And you will likely never get such a large bonus again.

Join “Beginner Games”

Many sites offer beginner games to play so that you aren’t playing a DFS Shark looking to feast on newbie players. Try out free games first and then graduate to beginner games before you take a run at the big boys to make a name for yourself.

Know The Scoring System

Some sites heavily favor pitching stats and some even out the numbers between hitters and pitchers. Apply this daily fantasy baseball strategy by playing at the right sites.

Research The Ballparks

Are games being played in a hitter or pitcher friendly park? You need to know this as it is a major factor in daily fantasy baseball. Is a good pitcher playing in a friendly park? Are hitters facing bad pitchers in a hitter friendly park? All these factors need to be researched carefully when making your roster picks.

Check The Starting Lineups

Unlike your season long league, having a player that takes a day off will kill your team that night. Before you set your final lineups, check to see if all your fantasy players are playing that night. If you don’t know for sure, don’t pick the player.

Become A Weatherman

Make sure the game isn’t going to get rained out. If your game is postponed, you lose the stats for any players involved and get zeroes. Will it be cold? Will it be windy? Will it be extra hot causing humidity to have an effect on the ball? These are issues you may want to factor in that many of your opponents won’t think to check or won’t have time to check.

Ride Hot Streaks

Hitters are very streaky and sometimes guys get on a hot streak and daily fantasy baseball sites rarely adjust the salary cap prices for this kind of thing. Ride the streak that night if it’s a cheap enough play.

Know Everyone’s OBP (On Base Percentage)

At most sites you lose points for strikeouts, at the very least you’ll get a “0” if your hitter goes 0 for 4. Look for guys that get a lot of walks, get hits and generally get on base. Even if they don’t have a huge hitting day, you may get a SB or a Run, which will get you a few points for just reaching base.

Start With 50/50 Games

50/50 games are games in which all the people put in money to play but only the top half (or 50% of the players) win money. Put in $5 and finish in the top 50% and get back $9 (you have to factor in the rake the site takes). Sometimes the games don’t fill up so your odds of cashing in increase even more. These games are great for building a bankroll early on for beginner daily fantasy baseball players.


Now you have the basics to get started winning money! Why not test out these strategies in a FREE game at a top fantasy baseball site like DraftKings. Join here using our bonus link and receive a  FREE game ticket just for joining!


Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategies 101

Daily fantasy hockey is much different from the NHL fantasy hockey pool strategies that many NHL fans started off playing.

There are different factors to take into consideration when creating a daily fantasy NHL lineup and we have broken down for you.

Below are some of the top daily fantasy hockey strategies that a beginner should keep in mind when creating a salary cap lineup at a top daily fantasy hockey site like Fanduel.

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Now, let’s get started…

Build Your Roster Around The Goalie

A goalie in daily fantasy hockey is like a starting pitcher in fantasy baseball – they will be the highest scoring player on your roster most nights. Goalies score points on each save, shutout and of course a wins. A goalie that is peppered for 40 shots and gets a shutout and a win will probably make you rich that night. Find the goalie on a tight defensive team that has the best shot at being #1 that night, then build your team from there.

Know The Scoring System

Every DFS site that offers NHL fantasy hockey has a slightly different scoring system. Some have a basic system, and some will award points for stats you would rarely consider. When you decide on a daily fantasy hockey site to play at, look over the scoring rules and plan your team out around them.

Double-Check To Make Sure Your Guys Are Playing

Don’t make the rookie mistake of setting a lineup in the middle of the day or the night before and then not following up with last minute lineup changes or scratches. If you are serious about making some money playing fantasy hockey, make yourself available to research game day lineups around 30 minutes before the first puck drops that night. This is probably the most important daily fantasy hockey strategy because if some of your players are scratched so is your cash.

Don’t Spend Too Much Salary On D

Some of the highest priced player on defence can end up getting similar point totals as a lower cost defencemen. Check how defencemen score points (or lose points) at your DFS site. Some sites reward points for blocked shots, some deduct points for +/-, and some give extra bonuses for power play goals. Look for guys that will get you the most points for that site’s scoring system – but try to look at the lower end of the salary cap grid and not just the upper end; defensemen are too unpredictable for scoring points on a consistent basis.

Look For High Scoring Games

The average hockey game ends in a 3-2 score, but there are some teams that are better offensive teams and some that are better defensively. Try to look for matchups between 2 offensive teams that are well rested and try stacking your fantasy lineup with players from both teams to take advantage in the increase in shots on goal and the chances for more goals and assist to be spread around.

Identify Which Players Are On The Power Play

Here are some quick stats for you to digest:

  • 21% of all NHL goals that are scored come on the power play
  • On average, 1 goal out of the average total of 5 goals is scored on the PP
  • Every NHL team will have an average of 3.3 power play chances each game

Keep these stats in mind when setting a lineup. Every NHL team has a power play line that will be out there every PP opportunity. This results in more shots on goal and more opportunities to score points. Pick fantasy players that are on the power play unit and in the long run, this daily fantasy hockey strategy pays off big time!


You’ll never win if you don’t play! Sign up to FanDuel now and try out the NHL fantasy strategies that will get you winning money playing daily fantasy hockey.


Daily Fantasy Football Strategies 101

So you’re ready to start playing Daily Fantasy Football and want some tips on how to start off well…

Listed below are some basic daily fantasy football strategies that you should keep in mind when you are ready to start playing fantasy football at one of the top DFS sites.

Pick A Site

Sounds simple enough, but first you need to join one of the top fantasy football sites. Check out our Daily Fantasy Football Site Reviews and get started by joining one of them!

Learn The Scoring System

Each site has a different fantasy football scoring system. DraftKings, in general, gives out more points to wide receivers (because they are PPR) than FanDuel does. If you are high on a WR, play him where he will score you the most points. These are the comparisons you need to review before you make your fantasy picks for the week.

Identify Sleeper Picks

It’s easy to pick the most expensive players for a salary cap lineup, the problem is you will get an error message when you click submit for being over the salary cap. If you want a bunch of stars, you must to find the sleeper pick(s) that week.

***DFS Tip –Watch the injury report!***

If a regular isn’t starting, the backup will be under-priced and could be your sleeper that week.

Create Player Combos

One good strategy is to pair up your QB with the #1 WR of the same team. If the QB has a big passing week, someone usually follows his trail to catch those balls. QB/TE combo is another good one to key in on or even combine all 3 (QB, WR, TE) if it is a potent high scoring offense.

Know The Matchups

Do your research and find out which teams have the worst defences and which have the best offences. If you can pick a QB playing a bad defence, there may be lots of points in your future. Also find the teams that have weak run defenses as you will then see a team pound the ball all day and leave the QB off the score sheet. In this case a top RB might be the answer.

***DFS Tip – In colder months look for these matchups inside dome stadiums.***

The cold/wet weather outdoors can negate any potential you had with the offence/defence mismatch.

Make Sure All Your Players Are Playing

Nothing worse than logging in to check your stats only to see someone with no points and an OUT next to their status. This is a rookie mistake – check final lineups when teams post them about 1-2 hours before game time.

Check Weather Reports

Bad weather can kill a fantasy team. Too much wind will make a passing team run the ball and kickers miss field goals or the coach won’t go for long field goals at all. Wet conditions mean more running (although it could mean more passing too depending on the footing of the field). Sometimes the best play is to stay away from bad weather games – but if you must play guys in a crappy weather situation, proceed with caution and do extra research.

Betting lines

Want to know if a game will be high scoring or a defensive battle? Check out what the boys in Las Vegas have to say. High over/unders mean that the game should be high scoring whereas low over/unders could spell disaster for any QB/RB/WR you are looking at picking. You can also check some of the prop lines to see how they think individual players will perform that day. See what a QB’s over/under is for passing yards as well, it may give you some added insight about QBs and WRs.


There you go! You have the basic daily fantasy football strategies you need to get started. Why not test out your skills in a FREE game at DraftKings! All you need to do is Join DraftKings Here, make your first deposit and you will get into a FREE Contest just for joining up with our exclusive bonus link. There’s money waiting to be won…now go get it!


DFS Strategy Guide For Beginners

So you heard about something called Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and thought it may be worth checking out. You’ve been kicking ass playing your buddies in season long fantasy leagues and now are ready to make some real money like others are doing. But you are new to DFS and need some solid strategies to rely on to get started…

Below we have some basic strategies for beginners to get you into the DFS game. Bookmark this DFS Strategy Guide so that once you get your feet wet, you can read up on other, more detailed, strategies on the site that will help you take your game to the next level.

The Basics

Daily Fantasy Sports are fantasy games that can be played in just one day. You can pick a lineup, find an opponent, make a wager and win money all in the same day. No more worrying about losing a guy for the season, suffering through slumps or falling so far down the standings that you lose interest before the season ends. Every day can be a different challenge with new opponents, a different fantasy lineup, new games and higher stakes.

Know Which DFS Site(s) To Play At…

Throughout the site we have focused on the 3 top daily fantasy sites out there today. Our Site Reviews help summarize the sites, but each offers different games and different experiences. They are the top 3 for a good reason, so joining any one of them is a good play and a safe experience. Some players join all 3 and then figure it out from there. It’s FREE to join all of them, and you can play games for free to see if you like the set up and then decide which site you want to play at more regularly. Some players play at one, some play at multiple sites (but that’s another strategy for a later time).

Opponent Selection…

Some sites, like DraftKings, have a beginner section that allows you to only play players that have played less than 50 games. This way you play with other newbies and aren’t eaten by a “DFS Shark”. If you want, you can create a private league, get your friends in, and just play each other to get a feel for the site too. (HINT – Send your buddies to our site and they can also get the best bonuses for each site!)

Bankroll Management…

This is probably the most important DFS strategy… Your season long league was easy. You pay an amount for the year and that was it. With DFS, you need to decide how much you’re willing to play with for the season and then spread it out as evenly as possible. If you blow your wad the first week…you may not feel up to playing any more.

Here are some ways to maximize your DFS bankroll:

  • Get Deposit Bonuses (use the exclusive bonus links found on this site) – All 3 sites match your deposit and throw in free contests so that you have more money to play with!
  • Play FREE Contests – Just by joining with our links, you get automatically entered into FREE cash games. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or join our newsletter and you will get additional info on other FREE fantasy contests throughout the year.
  • Don’t Play Against The Big Boys To Start – Start at the bottom (vs. the fish) and work your way up. Build your bankroll slowly…you should never play more than 20% of your total bankroll in one day and never more than 5% of your bankroll on any one contest.
  • Keep Records – Keep a journal or spreadsheet of every game you play, including your winnings and losses, entry fees, bonuses and even names of opponents (if you play small field or head to head games).  This data will be priceless once you become a DFS veteran.

Pick Your Spots…

Top DFS players know when things just don’t look right. If you create a lineup, and in the end you aren’t happy with it, just walk away and play another day. The beauty of DFS is that you don’t need to play every day – you just need to play on the days you think you can win.

Learn From Your Mistakes…

Did you lose all your games the first time out? Don’t give up…learn from your mistakes! See what your opponents did in picking a lineup, then figure out why you lost. Like keeping records, reflecting on your wins and losses is HUGE for gaining knowledge and becoming a DFS pro. Even when you win, still look at what your opponents did, maybe they picked a guy you never thought of picking and you could have done even better.

If DFS was easy, we’d all be rich! Just like your season long league, you still need to do your research and pick the best players for each contest. Come back and read up on our other DFS strategies and check out our DFS Strategy Guides for each sport as you advance, there are many tips you will be able to use to take your game to the next level.

Now…get started and you will be on your way to making lots of cash playing daily fantasy sports!