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Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies 101

Has your fantasy baseball team been hit with so many injuries that you are the laughing stock of the group?

Have you started to lose your interest in watching baseball because your fantasy team is out of contention?

Are you wishing it was already April of next season?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then this is why you need to get into Daily Fantasy Baseball.

What you don’t know is that most of your friends are already playing and making money at it so why shouldn’t you? But, before you start, you need to know that daily fantasy baseball games are different from your regular season long leagues, so you need to start with some basic daily fantasy baseball strategies. We like to call it our Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies 101…

Find A Site To Play At

Start off at one of the top 3 daily fantasy baseball sites – FanDuel, DraftKings or DraftDay. Read our site reviews and decide where you want to start.

Claim All The FREE Money You Can Get

All three sites give you a deposit bonus if you use our exclusive bonus links.  But that is not all… Also, once you make a deposit, you will be awarded with FREE fantasy baseball contests for real cash prizes. This is a great way to get some free money and start a bankroll.

***DFS Tip – Don’t waste your deposit bonus by making a $10 or $20 deposit like most beginners do – you can get anywhere from $200-$600 FREE with a larger first deposit.***

You can always get your money back by cashing out, but the deposit bonus offer won’t be around forever. And you will likely never get such a large bonus again.

Join “Beginner Games”

Many sites offer beginner games to play so that you aren’t playing a DFS Shark looking to feast on newbie players. Try out free games first and then graduate to beginner games before you take a run at the big boys to make a name for yourself.

Know The Scoring System

Some sites heavily favor pitching stats and some even out the numbers between hitters and pitchers. Apply this daily fantasy baseball strategy by playing at the right sites.

Research The Ballparks

Are games being played in a hitter or pitcher friendly park? You need to know this as it is a major factor in daily fantasy baseball. Is a good pitcher playing in a friendly park? Are hitters facing bad pitchers in a hitter friendly park? All these factors need to be researched carefully when making your roster picks.

Check The Starting Lineups

Unlike your season long league, having a player that takes a day off will kill your team that night. Before you set your final lineups, check to see if all your fantasy players are playing that night. If you don’t know for sure, don’t pick the player.

Become A Weatherman

Make sure the game isn’t going to get rained out. If your game is postponed, you lose the stats for any players involved and get zeroes. Will it be cold? Will it be windy? Will it be extra hot causing humidity to have an effect on the ball? These are issues you may want to factor in that many of your opponents won’t think to check or won’t have time to check.

Ride Hot Streaks

Hitters are very streaky and sometimes guys get on a hot streak and daily fantasy baseball sites rarely adjust the salary cap prices for this kind of thing. Ride the streak that night if it’s a cheap enough play.

Know Everyone’s OBP (On Base Percentage)

At most sites you lose points for strikeouts, at the very least you’ll get a “0” if your hitter goes 0 for 4. Look for guys that get a lot of walks, get hits and generally get on base. Even if they don’t have a huge hitting day, you may get a SB or a Run, which will get you a few points for just reaching base.

Start With 50/50 Games

50/50 games are games in which all the people put in money to play but only the top half (or 50% of the players) win money. Put in $5 and finish in the top 50% and get back $9 (you have to factor in the rake the site takes). Sometimes the games don’t fill up so your odds of cashing in increase even more. These games are great for building a bankroll early on for beginner daily fantasy baseball players.


Now you have the basics to get started winning money! Why not test out these strategies in a FREE game at a top fantasy baseball site like DraftKings. Join here using our bonus link and receive a  FREE game ticket just for joining!