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Which Fantasy QB To Pick This Week?

This is the question that gets asked the most in daily fantasy football.

The Quarterback position is normally the one that will get you the most fantasy points each, week so finding the best QB is a priority.

Obviously we can’t just take the top rated QB on the board as we have salary cap considerations to make as well.

So which is the top fantasy QB this week? Here are some daily fantasy football strategies to help you make your choice.

Look At The Vegas Odds

Find out which games are projected to be high scoring. If the oddsmakers have a game with a total of 41, they are predicting a final score of 24-17. Not bad scoring, but if you assume that a running back will factor into the scoring, there will probably be only 3 TDs in that game. Not a lot of potential for fantasy points.

Now if the game is predicted to be an O/U of 52, then you could be looking at a 35-17 game, or a 28-24 game, now the potential rises to having one of the QBs score 3 touchdowns making the points become more interesting.

Always Pick Winning QBs

If you are looking at a high scoring game as mentioned above, you will be faced with a choice of which QB to take. Generally you want to pick the QB that you think will be on the winning side as the assumption is that they will get you the most points that day.

Keep An Eye On The Back Door

How many people have been burned by the back door cover. It’s even worse in fantasy football when you have a lead in a head to head game and see that the QB your opponent picked is now throwing bombs to catch up in the 4th quarter. The backdoor can work for you too. A bad team facing a good offense will have to abandon the run early and resort to throwing. Typically in the 4th quarter if a team has a big lead, they start to sit in zone defense and give up tons of yards and some scores just to keep the clock moving. This is where you can find a QB on a bad team with a decent offense that may have to throw 50-60 times in the game.

Look At The Opposing Defense

Some QBs will face a good defense that is great at stopping the run, but can’t stop the pass…that’s the one you want to focus on. A bad defensive team in general usually means that the quarterback will simply hand off the ball and ground and pound the whole game. If the running game is out, it means your quarterback is free to air it out.

Look for trends – NFL week 1 and week 2 can be hard because teams are still figuring things out. By week 5 you can get a pretty good idea if a team has a pass first, or a run first philosophy. If you know that you are guaranteed 2 TDs and 250 yards out of a QB, you may just take the easy points and focus your research on other positions.

Check The Scoring System

Not all fantasy sites are equal. If you have a QB in mind, make sure that you play at the daily fantasy football site that optimizes his points. We are big believers that you should have accounts at multiple DFS sites with the Big 3 (FanDuel, DraftKings and DraftDay) being on that list. Pick the quarterback you want, then double check the scoring at those 3 sites to make sure you are playing at the site that gives you the best value.

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