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Daily Fantasy Football Strategies 101

So you’re ready to start playing Daily Fantasy Football and want some tips on how to start off well…

Listed below are some basic daily fantasy football strategies that you should keep in mind when you are ready to start playing fantasy football at one of the top DFS sites.

Pick A Site

Sounds simple enough, but first you need to join one of the top fantasy football sites. Check out our Daily Fantasy Football Site Reviews and get started by joining one of them!

Learn The Scoring System

Each site has a different fantasy football scoring system. DraftKings, in general, gives out more points to wide receivers (because they are PPR) than FanDuel does. If you are high on a WR, play him where he will score you the most points. These are the comparisons you need to review before you make your fantasy picks for the week.

Identify Sleeper Picks

It’s easy to pick the most expensive players for a salary cap lineup, the problem is you will get an error message when you click submit for being over the salary cap. If you want a bunch of stars, you must to find the sleeper pick(s) that week.

***DFS Tip –Watch the injury report!***

If a regular isn’t starting, the backup will be under-priced and could be your sleeper that week.

Create Player Combos

One good strategy is to pair up your QB with the #1 WR of the same team. If the QB has a big passing week, someone usually follows his trail to catch those balls. QB/TE combo is another good one to key in on or even combine all 3 (QB, WR, TE) if it is a potent high scoring offense.

Know The Matchups

Do your research and find out which teams have the worst defences and which have the best offences. If you can pick a QB playing a bad defence, there may be lots of points in your future. Also find the teams that have weak run defenses as you will then see a team pound the ball all day and leave the QB off the score sheet. In this case a top RB might be the answer.

***DFS Tip – In colder months look for these matchups inside dome stadiums.***

The cold/wet weather outdoors can negate any potential you had with the offence/defence mismatch.

Make Sure All Your Players Are Playing

Nothing worse than logging in to check your stats only to see someone with no points and an OUT next to their status. This is a rookie mistake – check final lineups when teams post them about 1-2 hours before game time.

Check Weather Reports

Bad weather can kill a fantasy team. Too much wind will make a passing team run the ball and kickers miss field goals or the coach won’t go for long field goals at all. Wet conditions mean more running (although it could mean more passing too depending on the footing of the field). Sometimes the best play is to stay away from bad weather games – but if you must play guys in a crappy weather situation, proceed with caution and do extra research.

Betting lines

Want to know if a game will be high scoring or a defensive battle? Check out what the boys in Las Vegas have to say. High over/unders mean that the game should be high scoring whereas low over/unders could spell disaster for any QB/RB/WR you are looking at picking. You can also check some of the prop lines to see how they think individual players will perform that day. See what a QB’s over/under is for passing yards as well, it may give you some added insight about QBs and WRs.


There you go! You have the basic daily fantasy football strategies you need to get started. Why not test out your skills in a FREE game at DraftKings! All you need to do is Join DraftKings Here, make your first deposit and you will get into a FREE Contest just for joining up with our exclusive bonus link. There’s money waiting to be won…now go get it!