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Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies 101

Daily Fantasy Golf doesn’t get the attention that other top fantasy sports do – but in recent years, many casual players have jumped into the world of playing fantasy golf for money.

If you are looking to start playing for money, check out our basic daily fantasy golf strategies to help get started. It’s not hard to make money at Daily Fantasy Golf and a lot easier when you use the strategies and tips below.

Pick A Site

Not every fantasy site offers golf for fantasy players, so if you are currently at a site that doesn’t have fantasy golf, you may want to join a site like DraftKings or DraftDay.

Learn The Scoring System

Not every DFS site has the same scoring system for fantasy golf, so you need to look up how they award points and keep this in mind when you create your roster of golfers.

Find Those Sleeper Picks

With daily fantasy golf you can’t just take the top golfers in the tournament and make a lineup. You have to fit the golfers under a salary cap, so you need to find 1 or 2 low salary players that will make the cut and continue to get you points all weekend. We call these fantasy golf sleeper picks.

Research Course History

There are some golfers that love particular courses and some that are brutal on others. A golfer may be a top player on the PGA Tour, but suck at certain courses. On the flipside, some mediocre golfers seem to score top 10s every year on some courses. Do your research – go back up to 5 years to see how players have played and then make your picks.

Play The Hot Hand

Golfers will usually play well for 3-4 weeks before a streak ends. If a guy has 2 good weeks, you may want to research him more closely for the next week or two.

Making The Cut Is Key

You don’t need to pick the winner of a tournament to cash in on fantasy golf (although it doesn’t hurt your chances), but if you can have a fantasy lineup of guys that all make the cut, the chances of you wining are insanely better. Look for some of the grinders on tour that never have top 20 finishes, but always play through the weekend, these will be low cost sleeper picks to go after that hold a lot of value.

Let’s put it this way… If you pick the winner but several of your golfers don’t make the cut, you won’t cash in.  On the other hand, if you miss the winner and all your golfers make the cut, you will fair much better and make money.  This is probably the most important daily fantasy golf strategy.

Check The Weather

Hot and dry weather allows for the big hitters to bomb it more and get a better roll in the fairway, while wet soggy conditions allow for the short hitting specialists to stick the ball near the pin. Know what the weather will be and keep it in mind when setting a team.

Look Up The Vegas Odds

Not quite sure who to look at this week? See what the oddsmakers have to say. Vegas will set odds for players to win a tournament – so you can see who they think will have the best shot at the podium and you can use that as a reference point.


There are a lot of people that are winning money playing fantasy golf games and you can too!

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