Fantasy Hockey Strategies

Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategies 101

Daily fantasy hockey is much different from the NHL fantasy hockey pool strategies that many NHL fans started off playing.

There are different factors to take into consideration when creating a daily fantasy NHL lineup and we have broken down for you.

Below are some of the top daily fantasy hockey strategies that a beginner should keep in mind when creating a salary cap lineup at a top daily fantasy hockey site like Fanduel.

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Now, let’s get started…

Build Your Roster Around The Goalie

A goalie in daily fantasy hockey is like a starting pitcher in fantasy baseball – they will be the highest scoring player on your roster most nights. Goalies score points on each save, shutout and of course a wins. A goalie that is peppered for 40 shots and gets a shutout and a win will probably make you rich that night. Find the goalie on a tight defensive team that has the best shot at being #1 that night, then build your team from there.

Know The Scoring System

Every DFS site that offers NHL fantasy hockey has a slightly different scoring system. Some have a basic system, and some will award points for stats you would rarely consider. When you decide on a daily fantasy hockey site to play at, look over the scoring rules and plan your team out around them.

Double-Check To Make Sure Your Guys Are Playing

Don’t make the rookie mistake of setting a lineup in the middle of the day or the night before and then not following up with last minute lineup changes or scratches. If you are serious about making some money playing fantasy hockey, make yourself available to research game day lineups around 30 minutes before the first puck drops that night. This is probably the most important daily fantasy hockey strategy because if some of your players are scratched so is your cash.

Don’t Spend Too Much Salary On D

Some of the highest priced player on defence can end up getting similar point totals as a lower cost defencemen. Check how defencemen score points (or lose points) at your DFS site. Some sites reward points for blocked shots, some deduct points for +/-, and some give extra bonuses for power play goals. Look for guys that will get you the most points for that site’s scoring system – but try to look at the lower end of the salary cap grid and not just the upper end; defensemen are too unpredictable for scoring points on a consistent basis.

Look For High Scoring Games

The average hockey game ends in a 3-2 score, but there are some teams that are better offensive teams and some that are better defensively. Try to look for matchups between 2 offensive teams that are well rested and try stacking your fantasy lineup with players from both teams to take advantage in the increase in shots on goal and the chances for more goals and assist to be spread around.

Identify Which Players Are On The Power Play

Here are some quick stats for you to digest:

  • 21% of all NHL goals that are scored come on the power play
  • On average, 1 goal out of the average total of 5 goals is scored on the PP
  • Every NHL team will have an average of 3.3 power play chances each game

Keep these stats in mind when setting a lineup. Every NHL team has a power play line that will be out there every PP opportunity. This results in more shots on goal and more opportunities to score points. Pick fantasy players that are on the power play unit and in the long run, this daily fantasy hockey strategy pays off big time!


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