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Strategies To Find Fantasy Golf Value Plays

Picking the favorites to win a PGA Tour tournament for your daily fantasy golf salary cap lineup is easy – but you can’t fill a lineup with just the top golfers. It is simply too expensive to fit under the cap.

The key strategy to winning in daily fantasy golf is finding the value plays to complete your lineups after you have selected 2 or 3 of the top players.

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Now, let’s get into how to find our value plays…

Look For Alternates

Monday or Tuesday before a PGA Tournament is when players, that have previously committed to a tournament, back out for various reasons. There is a list of alternates that get entered into the tourney after that and are usually priced very low at DFS sites. They may not be the best golfers, but some may be hidden gems that end up being a great value play.

Find Mistakes

Hey, shit happens and mistakes get made! DFS sites make mistakes when valuing a player and that is to your benefit. Do your research on individual tourneys and see which salaries are way off base helping you find the obscene value play.

Study Course History

As bad as some golfers may be, there are some that completely dominate certain courses. Look up each player’s past history at courses even going back as far as 5 years. If they always make cuts and contend, these are the guys to key in on.

Check The Vegas Odds

When in doubt, see what the bookmakers say. Vegas odds makers get paid big bucks to know who has the best chance to win particular tournaments. Examine the odds to see who they believe has a shot at winning and then compare salaries to determine value picks at the DFS site you play at.

Ride Hot Streaks

Some golfers (even the bad ones) get on hot streaks. They may not win, but find the top 25 slot three or four weeks in a row. If you see that a low priced guy has finished well recently, take a flier on him to see if the streak continues.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Know what the weather is supposed to be like that week. Hot and dry means the long hitters get a further roll and shorter chips to the green. Wet course conditions mean that guys with great short games can aim for the pin and stick it close for more birdie chances. To be a great fantasy golf player, you must know which players excel in both types of conditions.


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