Fantasy Feud Fantasy Golf Tips and Strategies

Playing Fantasy Golf at Fantasy Feud is a bit different than playing at some of the other sites. The scoring system is very different from the other DFS sites that offer PGA Tour Fantasy Golf. So realizing those differences are while also understanding our Fantasy Feud Fantasy Golf Tips and Strategies will help you create a winning lineup.

The variation of how Fantasy Feud games are scored makes them an interesting option, so signing up and giving them a try is worth it. Join Fantasy Feud Here and use Fantasy Feud Promo Code REALMONEY to get a top bonus of 100% up to $500 free!

Here is a list of our Fantasy Feud Fantasy Golf Tips and Strategies:

Know The Scoring System

Here is a summary of the scoring for Fantasy Feud Fantasy Golf…


Unlike other Daily Fantasy Sports sites that offer PGA Tour Fantasy Golf, points are scored based on where a golfer finishes in a tournament as opposed to individual scoring that rewards for Pars, Birdies and Eagles and penalizes for Bogeys and Double Bogeys.

The key to winning your fantasy golf game at Fantasy Feud – get top finishers (or at least more top finishers than your opponent). When you do your research for your lineup, you need to find guys that consistently make cuts – as even a final cut gets you 10 points. Also, at the same time, being able to fit into your salary cap 1 or 2 top golfers that you believe will win or at least finish top 5.

How Many Players For A Lineup?

Your salary cap golf lineup at FF consists of 10 golfers; this gives you some leeway when picking players because you can take some chances on some sleeper picks at a low cost. With most leagues needing only a team of 6, you have little room for error if one of your guys misses the cut.FantasyFeud Fantasy Golf

How Much Is The Salary Cap?

Fantasy Feud has a Salary Cap of $1 Million for 10 players, at an average of $100,000/player, there are good choices to creating a lineup. Find those sleeper picks that will make the cut for $60K or $75K so that you can pick up some top guys (usually between $150-$200K) leaving plenty of good players around $100K. You will probably need about 4 players under the $100K salary mark to create a good team – so do your research and find those golf sleeper picks.

How To Win Playing Fantasy Feud Fantasy Golf

Pick the winners! I know, simple answer, but given that the point system is weighted heavily towards players finishing in the Top 10 of their PGA Tour tournament, you need to focus on guys that make cuts, are playing well, and have a good course history. You can take a chance on some sleeper picks, but you better be sure about the top salary picks you make. If you pick the 2 top players in the field and they both put up stinkers, your team is toast unless someone else rises up. If you can create a team where all ten players score you points, you should be a winner consistently playing fantasy golf at Fantasy Feud.




DraftKings Fantasy Golf Tips

Just because you know how to play fantasy golf at Yahoo, doesn’t mean that you can win playing fantasy golf at DraftKings. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when you join DraftKings and start your path of earning money playing fantasy golf.

Below are some DraftKings Fantasy Golf Tips that will let you compete with other players you will face when you play your games.

Know The Scoring System

The most important page you should read on any daily fantasy sports site is the scoring system. Here we have summarized the fantasy golf scoring system at DraftKings.


Golfers on each team will accumulate points as follows:

  • Per Hole Scoring
    • Double Eagle (DBL EAG): +20 PTs
    • Eagle (EAG): +8 PTs
    • Birdie (BIR): +3 PTs
    • Par (PAR): +0.5 PTs
    • Bogey (BOG): -0.5 PTs
    • Double Bogey (DBL BOG): -1 PT
    • Worse than Double Bogey (WORSE DBL BOG): -1 PT
  • Tournament Finish Scoring
    • 1st: 30 PTs
    • 2nd: 20 PTs
    • 3rd: 18 PTs
    • 4th: 16 PTs
    • 5th: 14 PTs
    • 6th: 12 PTs
    • 7th: 10 PTs
    • 8th: 9 PTs
    • 9th: 8 PTs
    • 10th: 7 PTs
    • 11th–15th: 6 PTs
    • 16th–20th: 5 PTs
    • 21st–25th: 4 PTs
    • 26th–30th: 3 PTs
    • 31st–40th: 2 PTs
    • 41st-50th: 1 PTs
  • Streaks and Bonuses
    • Streak of 3 Birdies of Better (MAX 1 Per Round) (3+ BIR STRK): +3 PTs
    • Bogey Free Round (BOG FREE RD): +3 PTs
    • All 4 Rounds Under 70 Strokes (ALL 4 RDS UND 70): +5 PTs
    • Hole in One (HOLE IN ONE): +10 PTs

You will see that Pars are almost equal to Bogeys, while Birdies are worth 3 points. Why is this important? Just having a steady golfer that grinds it out with pars and occasional birdies and plays all four rounds will result in big fantasy points. You don’t need to fill your lineup with huge golf sleeper picks along with top golfers. You can focus on the middle of the pack and try to pick 6 golfers that will all make the cut and continue to score all 4 days. The bonus point system is heavily weighted to the winner, so being able to pick guys that will finish at or near the top will help – so focus on PGA Tour players that are consistent top 10 finishers in tournaments.

Don’t Play In Huge Entry Contests

We all want that big prize that DraftKings promotes for golf…but we all want to win the lottery as well! If you want to really make money playing fantasy golf in the long term, focus on head to head games or smaller fields (5-10 players). When you play against a few hundred or over a thousand other people, your team has to be almost perfect to cash in. If you play 1-9 other opponents, your chances greatly improve and even a few flaws in your picks can still result in a win for you.

Double-Check Your Lineup

Unlike other games at DraftKings where you can make changes to your lineup if a player hasn’t started, for golf, the lineups lock at the first tee off on the first day. Make sure you check the night before or even wake up early to see if a certain golfer has backed out of a particular tournament. The worst thing to happen is to wake up at 7am and find out your top golfer had a sore back and withdrew from the tournament…that’s an instant loss unless any or all your opponents had the same guy.

Find That Diamond In The Rough

Finding a golf sleeper pick for a particular PGA tournament is tough, but can be done. Even before you look at the DraftKings salary cap numbers, do your own research of which players are hot, which have a good course history, which ones are battling injuries, and what some of the experts say about players, etc… –  and when you’ve done that, look at the DraftKings lineup.

Start At The Bottom

Many fantasy golfers scroll from top to bottom – you should scroll from bottom to top! After doing your research, you can: look to see if a player is undervalued, if a certain pick that you and experts have determined will do well on the upcoming course is priced low, or if a golfer that was an alternate has been added to the field but DraftKings has him on a low salary amount. Finding low priced players allows you to pick some higher priced favorites that are predicted to score well and possibly win a particular tournament.

Start Off With Bonus Cash

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Strategies To Find Fantasy Golf Value Plays

Picking the favorites to win a PGA Tour tournament for your daily fantasy golf salary cap lineup is easy – but you can’t fill a lineup with just the top golfers. It is simply too expensive to fit under the cap.

The key strategy to winning in daily fantasy golf is finding the value plays to complete your lineups after you have selected 2 or 3 of the top players.

If you are a regular already at DraftKings, why not try out Weekly Fantasy Golf at and test how these value strategies translate to another site.

Now, let’s get into how to find our value plays…

Look For Alternates

Monday or Tuesday before a PGA Tournament is when players, that have previously committed to a tournament, back out for various reasons. There is a list of alternates that get entered into the tourney after that and are usually priced very low at DFS sites. They may not be the best golfers, but some may be hidden gems that end up being a great value play.

Find Mistakes

Hey, shit happens and mistakes get made! DFS sites make mistakes when valuing a player and that is to your benefit. Do your research on individual tourneys and see which salaries are way off base helping you find the obscene value play.

Study Course History

As bad as some golfers may be, there are some that completely dominate certain courses. Look up each player’s past history at courses even going back as far as 5 years. If they always make cuts and contend, these are the guys to key in on.

Check The Vegas Odds

When in doubt, see what the bookmakers say. Vegas odds makers get paid big bucks to know who has the best chance to win particular tournaments. Examine the odds to see who they believe has a shot at winning and then compare salaries to determine value picks at the DFS site you play at.

Ride Hot Streaks

Some golfers (even the bad ones) get on hot streaks. They may not win, but find the top 25 slot three or four weeks in a row. If you see that a low priced guy has finished well recently, take a flier on him to see if the streak continues.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Know what the weather is supposed to be like that week. Hot and dry means the long hitters get a further roll and shorter chips to the green. Wet course conditions mean that guys with great short games can aim for the pin and stick it close for more birdie chances. To be a great fantasy golf player, you must know which players excel in both types of conditions.


These strategies of finding top fantasy golfers at good value is one that will help you cash in at a site like You can join Fantasy Feud here and get an exclusive bonus only available through our links!


Daily Fantasy Golf Strategies 101

Daily Fantasy Golf doesn’t get the attention that other top fantasy sports do – but in recent years, many casual players have jumped into the world of playing fantasy golf for money.

If you are looking to start playing for money, check out our basic daily fantasy golf strategies to help get started. It’s not hard to make money at Daily Fantasy Golf and a lot easier when you use the strategies and tips below.

Pick A Site

Not every fantasy site offers golf for fantasy players, so if you are currently at a site that doesn’t have fantasy golf, you may want to join a site like DraftKings or DraftDay.

Learn The Scoring System

Not every DFS site has the same scoring system for fantasy golf, so you need to look up how they award points and keep this in mind when you create your roster of golfers.

Find Those Sleeper Picks

With daily fantasy golf you can’t just take the top golfers in the tournament and make a lineup. You have to fit the golfers under a salary cap, so you need to find 1 or 2 low salary players that will make the cut and continue to get you points all weekend. We call these fantasy golf sleeper picks.

Research Course History

There are some golfers that love particular courses and some that are brutal on others. A golfer may be a top player on the PGA Tour, but suck at certain courses. On the flipside, some mediocre golfers seem to score top 10s every year on some courses. Do your research – go back up to 5 years to see how players have played and then make your picks.

Play The Hot Hand

Golfers will usually play well for 3-4 weeks before a streak ends. If a guy has 2 good weeks, you may want to research him more closely for the next week or two.

Making The Cut Is Key

You don’t need to pick the winner of a tournament to cash in on fantasy golf (although it doesn’t hurt your chances), but if you can have a fantasy lineup of guys that all make the cut, the chances of you wining are insanely better. Look for some of the grinders on tour that never have top 20 finishes, but always play through the weekend, these will be low cost sleeper picks to go after that hold a lot of value.

Let’s put it this way… If you pick the winner but several of your golfers don’t make the cut, you won’t cash in.  On the other hand, if you miss the winner and all your golfers make the cut, you will fair much better and make money.  This is probably the most important daily fantasy golf strategy.

Check The Weather

Hot and dry weather allows for the big hitters to bomb it more and get a better roll in the fairway, while wet soggy conditions allow for the short hitting specialists to stick the ball near the pin. Know what the weather will be and keep it in mind when setting a team.

Look Up The Vegas Odds

Not quite sure who to look at this week? See what the oddsmakers have to say. Vegas will set odds for players to win a tournament – so you can see who they think will have the best shot at the podium and you can use that as a reference point.


There are a lot of people that are winning money playing fantasy golf games and you can too!

Join DraftKings here and try out your skills. If you are already a member of DraftKings, try out DraftDay Fantasy Golf. They have FREE games to get your feet wet with and if you do decide to put a few bucks down, you can get up to $250 FREE on your 1st deposit using our DraftDay bonus link.