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Strategies To Win Your Daily Fantasy Hockey League

NHL fantasy hockey leagues or pools are BIG! Maybe not as big as your traditional football or baseball but make no mistake, there is a lot of money to be made in daily fantasy hockey.

So, having played in hockey pools all your life, you think you have what it takes to win money playing DFS hockey?

Think again!

DFS means different research, but don’t worry, our daily fantasy hockey strategies will guide you to making money.

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Goalies Are The Key – Choose Them First

Your biggest point getter of the night will be you goalie so choose wisely. Goalies get points for wins, shutouts and saves so look for a goalie on a good team playing a defensive minded style that doesn’t score a lot. You may not get as many points with the shots, but of your goalie gets a W, SO and only 20 shots I guarantee you’ll still be happy.

Expert Hockey Strategy – Often the backup goalie will play against a weak opponent and they are usually much cheaper for your salary cap lineup allowing you to take bigger priced forwards.

Speaking Of Forwards – Choose Shooters

The big players cost a lot for a good reason – they score a lot of points. But in daily fantasy hockey, you can also get points with stats like blocks, or even shots on goal. Look for the NHL stars that take a lot of shots so that even if they don’t score any points that night, you won’t be left with a goose egg with them.

Expert Fantasy Strategy – Look for players on the power play, most teams will have 4-5 power plays per game and that is 8-10 minutes of increased scoring chances and shots on goal.

Don’t Overpay For Defence – Shot Blockers Rule

Defensemen are hard to count on for points. Most of the high scoring defensive guys still only average a point every 2 games so the chance of the top priced defenseman scoring you a ton of points is unlikely.

Expert Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategy – The guys on the power play are usually higher priced. Find out guys that are on the penalty kill team as they have chances for blocked shots. Look to see which defensemen are tops in the NHL for shots blocked and see if they are worth a play that night.

Check Final Rosters

Make sure your guys are playing and aren’t late scratches. Goalies are announced by mid-afternoon so keep up with who is announced as a starter. If players are questionable with injuries, double check they are playing (NHL players are tough, they usually play through injuries unlike the cry-babies in the NBA that get pulled with muscle cramps).

Expert DFS Hockey Strategy – Once you’ve settled on a lineup, check out team sites or follow beat writers on Twitter to see if there are any last minute lineup changes.

You can win money playing daily fantasy hockey, if you know your stuff. Join today and cash in against players that have no idea what they are doing.