Fantasy Sports for Beginners

DFS Strategy Guide For Beginners

So you heard about something called Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and thought it may be worth checking out. You’ve been kicking ass playing your buddies in season long fantasy leagues and now are ready to make some real money like others are doing. But you are new to DFS and need some solid strategies to rely on to get started…

Below we have some basic strategies for beginners to get you into the DFS game. Bookmark this DFS Strategy Guide so that once you get your feet wet, you can read up on other, more detailed, strategies on the site that will help you take your game to the next level.

The Basics

Daily Fantasy Sports are fantasy games that can be played in just one day. You can pick a lineup, find an opponent, make a wager and win money all in the same day. No more worrying about losing a guy for the season, suffering through slumps or falling so far down the standings that you lose interest before the season ends. Every day can be a different challenge with new opponents, a different fantasy lineup, new games and higher stakes.

Know Which DFS Site(s) To Play At…

Throughout the site we have focused on the 3 top daily fantasy sites out there today. Our Site Reviews help summarize the sites, but each offers different games and different experiences. They are the top 3 for a good reason, so joining any one of them is a good play and a safe experience. Some players join all 3 and then figure it out from there. It’s FREE to join all of them, and you can play games for free to see if you like the set up and then decide which site you want to play at more regularly. Some players play at one, some play at multiple sites (but that’s another strategy for a later time).

Opponent Selection…

Some sites, like DraftKings, have a beginner section that allows you to only play players that have played less than 50 games. This way you play with other newbies and aren’t eaten by a “DFS Shark”. If you want, you can create a private league, get your friends in, and just play each other to get a feel for the site too. (HINT – Send your buddies to our site and they can also get the best bonuses for each site!)

Bankroll Management…

This is probably the most important DFS strategy… Your season long league was easy. You pay an amount for the year and that was it. With DFS, you need to decide how much you’re willing to play with for the season and then spread it out as evenly as possible. If you blow your wad the first week…you may not feel up to playing any more.

Here are some ways to maximize your DFS bankroll:

  • Get Deposit Bonuses (use the exclusive bonus links found on this site) – All 3 sites match your deposit and throw in free contests so that you have more money to play with!
  • Play FREE Contests – Just by joining with our links, you get automatically entered into FREE cash games. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or join our newsletter and you will get additional info on other FREE fantasy contests throughout the year.
  • Don’t Play Against The Big Boys To Start – Start at the bottom (vs. the fish) and work your way up. Build your bankroll slowly…you should never play more than 20% of your total bankroll in one day and never more than 5% of your bankroll on any one contest.
  • Keep Records – Keep a journal or spreadsheet of every game you play, including your winnings and losses, entry fees, bonuses and even names of opponents (if you play small field or head to head games).  This data will be priceless once you become a DFS veteran.

Pick Your Spots…

Top DFS players know when things just don’t look right. If you create a lineup, and in the end you aren’t happy with it, just walk away and play another day. The beauty of DFS is that you don’t need to play every day – you just need to play on the days you think you can win.

Learn From Your Mistakes…

Did you lose all your games the first time out? Don’t give up…learn from your mistakes! See what your opponents did in picking a lineup, then figure out why you lost. Like keeping records, reflecting on your wins and losses is HUGE for gaining knowledge and becoming a DFS pro. Even when you win, still look at what your opponents did, maybe they picked a guy you never thought of picking and you could have done even better.

If DFS was easy, we’d all be rich! Just like your season long league, you still need to do your research and pick the best players for each contest. Come back and read up on our other DFS strategies and check out our DFS Strategy Guides for each sport as you advance, there are many tips you will be able to use to take your game to the next level.

Now…get started and you will be on your way to making lots of cash playing daily fantasy sports!