Win at Daily Fantasy Hockey

Top 5 Tips To Help You Win Your Daily Fantasy Hockey Game

Here are the top 5 tips to help you win your daily fantasy hockey games.

They don’t apply to Fantasy Hockey, ESPN Fantasy Hockey or TSN Fantasy Hockey – they apply to daily fantasy sports sites like or, where you can play in free games to make some cash, or use your skills to play real competition and cash in on some HUGE cash prizes!

1. Focus On Your Goalie

Fantasy goalies will get you the most points – research goalies the most, as usually the best goalie of the night is what wins the big GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pools).

2. Ignore Defence

Try to spend the least amount of your salary cap money on defensemen. They are unpredictable for points and your salary cap room is better served elsewhere.

3. Create A Power-Play Unit

20-25% of the goals scored in the NHL come on the power play (PP). Each team has a PP unit of forwards and defensemen, try to stack your fantasy hockey lineup with guys that play the power play. They will have the most chance for points, and get a lot of shots on goal – a stat that you can get a ton of fantasy points from.

4. Play 50/50 Games

You won’t win big money, but if you have a good team, you only need to beat out half the competition to cash in. Many DFS “Grinders” will make 75% of their income in 50/50 games.

5. Focus On High Over-Under Games

If the Vegas bookmakers think a game will be high scoring…so should you! Check odds on sites like Bookmaker and get an idea of which games the oddsmakers think will be high scoring, then try to stack players from both teams (except the goalies of course) to improve your chances.